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Why AlexisHR?

Managing People made easy. Take advantage of intuitive navigation and flawless design

Smooth user experience

Streamline communications

Get access to statistics and customized reports. Gain valuable insights to make smart an strategic decisions.

No more struggles with repetitive tasks. Optimize your day-to-day work by creating automated processes

Seamless communication flows from and to Alexis via the channels you already love.

Powerful analytics

Automate workflows

Managing people made easy. Take advantage of intuitive navigation and flawless design.

Smooth user experience

Seamless communication flows from and to Alexis via the channels you already love.

Streamline communication

Optimize your day-to-day work by creating automated processes.

Automate workflows

Gain valuable insights from statistics and reports to make smart and strategic decisions.

Powerful analytics

Trusted by modern companies

Trusted by modern companies, such as

Trusted by

And many more!


Everything is easier with self-service on- & offboarding. Organize your employment agreements. Share important information at the right time. Automate tasks. No more asking about logins on employees first day or incomprehensible excel spreadsheets.

Self-service on- & offboarding

Organize and keep track of performance reviews and employee progress. Save and share notes from the reviews. Gather around milestones and progress. Use information, progress and achievements in your review processes

Reviews & Development

Be on top of things! All your HR data is available for new insights. Filter and segment your data to find pain points, anomalies and strengths. Make data driven decisions to manage and develop your business.

Graphs and Reports

Keep track of overtime and earned vacation. Customize reporting depending on country, employment type or department. Set up dynamic leave policies, automatically approve leaves and automate approval flows.

Timesheets and Time-off


With more added regularly!

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